We care about the territory

Made in Italy

We produce everything in Italy, in small workshops not far from our headquarters. We care about our territory and people, we believe in craftsmanship as the maximum expression of the textile chain.

All our suppliers are Italian, we want to have a direct and personal relationship with them by selecting them from among those who share our ideals and who do not exploit their collaborators for profit. And, being close to us, we minimize the impact that the transport of goods and merchandise has before reaching the final customer.

This is why we work tirelessly to offer our products at the right price, to ensure that we can feel good for as many people as possible, without however this happening to the detriment of our collaborators or suppliers

Made to last


We are sustainable because we have always made products that live through time. We produce them by searching for the best raw materials, applying dexterity and creativity along each step of the production chain. Our garments can last up to 10 years or even longer , just follow all the washing instructions carefully. We are sustainable because we do not produce an infinite range of products but a few selected items, avoiding waste and unsold goods. We only produce what is necessary to ensure sales and reduce production costs.

All our garments are designed and produced to last a long time, not for the quality end in itself, but because we are aware of the impact generated by the production, distribution and disposal of clothing on the environment: if the products last longer, less is produced and the environment benefits.

We are constantly looking for materials that reduce the impact that their production or use has on the environment.

Producing in Italy does not mean costing more

Without intermediaries

Producing in Italy does not necessarily mean being more expensive. Check for yourself the comparative table which examines the products on the Italian market. We have compared our Boxer Shorts Milano , but it is representative of all our categories. (It should also be noted that Kloters is the only one in the table to have the internal slip that requires more work and material).

Choosing Kloters means giving value to work (Euro 10.50), it means not impacting the environment with transport , it means helping local businesses and the territory . Choosing Kloters means wearing excellent quality materials, which last over time because they are made with care.