An authentic Brand

We are two Italian guys who, in an age of technological start-ups, founded Kloters, a fashion company. We have combined our experiences gained in different fields, from technology to fashion, to create a brand dedicated to men and produce underwear and clothing with the ultimate goal of making the wearer feel good.

Feel good

it is a very broad concept with various shades of meaning. For Kloters, feeling good implies 3 fundamental attributes that all our products have:

Comfort, Style and Sustainability.

For us, feeling good means first of all wearing a comfortable, comfortable garment, with the right cut, which does not hinder movements, with materials that give the right sensation in contact with the skin. For this reason we study design and cut, we research new technologies, we use innovative materials and processes, to create a product that makes comfort a fundamental point.

Feel good

it also means appearing elegant and being satisfied from an aesthetic point of view with what you are wearing. We are in love with the country where we were born, with the art, traditions and beautiful things that have always been created in Italy, in fashion and beyond. This is why we want to build on our tailoring roots a product that makes you feel elegant and refined even in intimate and relaxing moments. With a sober, clean style that reflects our Italian spirit.

Feel good

for us it also and above all means feeling good about yourself and having no regrets, because external beauty must be the mirror of the internal one. We want those who wear Kloters to be aware of the fact that their well-being has not been achieved at the expense of the well-being of others.

This is why all our garments are designed and produced to last a long time, not for the quality as an end in itself, but because we are aware of the impact generated by producing, distributing and disposing of clothing on the environment: if the products last more, less is produced and the environment benefits.

This is why we are constantly looking for materials that reduce the impact that their production or use has on the environment.

For this reason all our suppliers are Italian, in order to have a direct and personal relationship with them by selecting them from those who share our ideals and who do not exploit their collaborators to obtain profit. And, being close to us, we minimize the impact that the transport of goods and merchandise has before reaching the final customer.

This is why we work tirelessly to offer our products at the right price, to ensure that we can feel good for as many people as possible, without however this happening to the detriment of our collaborators or suppliers.

Finally feel good

for us it means feeling at home, in the family. For this reason, a fundamental value for us is building long-term relationships with those who interface with Kloters, suppliers, collaborators and above all with our customers. We know that long-lasting relationships need continuous dialogue and that's why we favor direct contact with those who use our products and the feedback we can receive is essential for us to improve.

The path to perfection is long and we know we can still improve many of the things we do. However, we believe that those who work with us and those who wear Kloters every day are essential to help us on this journey.