Rivedi il tuo look dopo le vacanze. E' il momento ideale

Review your look after the holidays. It's the ideal time

Revolutionize Your Men's Wardrobe After Summer Holidays: Improve Your Appearance and Your Look

Summer is coming to an end and while summer holidays leave us with indelible memories, it is also the perfect time to reflect and revolutionize our men's wardrobe. After days spent in the sun, between light clothes and swimsuits, it's time to get back into the routine with a fresh spirit and an improved appearance. This is the time to take care of your style and make your look even more irresistible.

Summer holidays are not only a time for relaxation and fun, but also an opportunity to reconsider our personal style and make significant improvements to our wardrobe. Whether you've spent your days under the scorching sun or traveled through exotic locations, now is the time to bring that wealth of experience into your everyday style.

10 tips for a winning wardrobe:

1. Evaluate Your Current Style:
Start by revolutionizing your wardrobe by doing a critical analysis of your current style. What do you love about your look? What would you like to improve? This introspection will help you set clear goals for your new look.

2. Introduce New Shades:
After the abundance of bright colors of summer, consider introducing warmer, autumnal shades into your wardrobe.

3. Focus on the Details:
Details make the difference. Invest in high-quality accessories like leather belts, dress watches and refined scarves to complete your look.

4. Update Your Underwear:
Don't forget about comfort from the inside. Kloters' white Milano Boxers offer maximum comfort and elegance to improve your daily experience.

5. Well Structured Pants and Jackets:
Opt for well-cut trousers and structured jackets that flatter your figure. These essential pieces create an image of sophistication and professionalism.

6. Play with Fabrics:
Explore different fabrics like velvet, wool and tweed for a touch of variety in your wardrobe.

7. Experiment with Patterns:
Introduce patterns like tartan, houndstooth or stripes to add visual interest to your outfits.

8. Discover New Shoe Styles:
Change your footwear style to give your look a fresh look. Derby shoes, ankle boots or moccasins can make a big difference.

9. Maintain a Simple and Elegant Look:
Remember, less is often more. Maintaining a simple and elegant look is always a winning choice.

10. Choose Carefully and Invest in Quality:
Finally, choose high-quality items that will last over time. Investing in pieces that stand out for their craftsmanship and fit will take you far in improving your style.

After the summer holidays, it's time to embrace change and transform your wardrobe into an authentic expression of your personality. With the right mix of details, colors and quality garments, you can revolutionize your look and face the season with confidence and style. Never forget to consider the most intimate details of your outfit, such as Kloters' white Milano Boxers, which offer the luxurious comfort you deserve.

Get ready to impress, customize your new look according to the occasion:

Free time :

1. Quality Polo Shirt: Choose a high-quality polo shirt, preferably made of pima cotton or linen. Paired with chinos and loafers, you will have a casual but sophisticated look.

2. Well-Cut Denim: A pair of well-cut jeans is a must-have for off-duty time. Opt for a slim or straight model, which fits your body perfectly.

3. Elegant Footwear: A pair of designer sneakers in leather or suede can be the perfect complement to a casual but refined look.

4. Classy Accessories: Add stylish details with quality watches, leather belts and trendy sunglasses.

5. Kloters Milano Boxers: Don't neglect your underwear. Wear the white Milano Boxers for luxurious comfort throughout the day.


1. White Button-Down Collar Shirt: A timeless classic. A well-cut white shirt with a button-down collar can be paired with dress pants or a suit for a flawless professional look.

2. Elegant Cigarette Pants: Opt for cigarette pants in quality fabrics. They are versatile and will give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

3. Well Structured Blazer: A well structured blazer is a cornerstone of your business wardrobe. Choose neutral colors like gray or navy for maximum versatility.

4. Oxford or Derby Shoes: Invest in quality shoes like leather oxfords or derbies. A pair of dressy shoes can make a difference in the overall look.

5. Classy Accessory: A tie clip, a pocket square or a lapel pin can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

In summary after the holidays, you can spice up your look with a few simple moves:
- New Shirts: Add shirts of different colors and prints to your wardrobe to vary your style.
- Choose Different Pants: Opt for different pants than usual. Try checked or striped trousers for a touch of originality.
- Explore New Footwear: Add new shoes to your repertoire, like colorful moccasins or brogues.
- Always invest in Quality and the Right Fit:

**Quality Materials:** Investing in garments made from high-quality materials means long-term durability and comfort.

**The Right Fit:** The perfect fit is essential. Choose clothes that fit your figure well, are comfortable and make you feel confident.