Acquista solo capi che durano nel tempo

Buy only items that last over time


Made in Italy

We produce everything in Italy, in small workshops not far from our headquarters. We care about our territory and people, we believe in craftsmanship as the maximum expression of the textile chain.

All our suppliers are Italian, we want to have a direct and personal relationship with them by selecting them from among those who share our ideals and who do not exploit their collaborators for profit. And, being close to us, we minimize the impact that the transport of goods and merchandise has before reaching the final customer.

This is why we work tirelessly to offer our products at the right price, to ensure that we can feel good for as many people as possible, without however this happening to the detriment of our collaborators or suppliers



We are sustainable because we have always made products that live through time. We produce them by searching for the best raw materials, applying dexterity and creativity along each step of the production chain. Our garments can last up to 10 years or even longer , just follow all the washing instructions carefully. We are sustainable because we do not produce an infinite range of products but a few selected items, avoiding waste and unsold goods. We only produce what is necessary to ensure sales and reduce production costs.

All our garments are designed and produced to last a long time, not for the quality itself, but because we are aware of the impact generated by producing, distributing and disposing of clothing on the environment: if the products last longer, they are produced less and the environment benefits.

We are constantly looking for materials that reduce the impact that their production or use has on the environment.


Without intermediaries

Producing in Italy does not necessarily mean being more expensive. Check for yourself the comparative table which examines the products on the Italian market. We compared ours Boxer Short Milano , but it is representative of all our categories. (It should also be noted that Kloters is the only one in the table to have the internal slip that requires more work and material).

Choosing Kloters means giving value to work (Euros 10.50), it means do not impact the environment with transportation , help local businesses and the territory . Choosing Kloters means wearing excellent quality materials, which last over time because they are made with care.

A short time ago the New York Times indicated the strategies for sustainability, here is a summary of what it said:

"How to Buy Clothes that Last Over Time

Right now you may have eliminated last season's latest trend product from your walk-in closet, but the effect of that garment still persists, from the energy used in its production to its continuous presence in one of the country's landfills . The total environmental impact of our clothing choices is a growing concern because, supported by the spread of so-called fast fashion, we are consuming and discarding more clothes than ever before.

In 2015, the latest year for which the Environmental Protection Agency has data, the United States alone generated 11.9 million tons, or about 75 pounds per person, of textile waste, most of which ended up in landfills. That's a 750 percent increase since 1960. By comparison, it's nearly ten times the increase in the country's population over the same period.

This growth in clothing waste coincides with the dominance of fast-fashion brands such as H&M and Zara, whose business models are based on selling low-priced items in bulk quantities. Zara, for example, releases 20,000 new designs a year, according to a spokesperson, showcasing new lines during microseasons in addition to the traditional winter/fall and summer/spring lines. The strategy is designed to encourage customers to shop regularly for new looks.

The company aligns with broader industry trends, which saw apparel production double between 2000 and 2014, according to a report released by consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Over the same period, according to the report, the number of items of clothing purchased by the average person each year increased by 60 percent. A separate study found that fast fashion products are made so they usually last no more than 10 uses.

On average, every American produces about 75 pounds of textile waste annually.

Despite many retailers claiming to address sustainability, "the clothes they produce still don't have increased longevity," said Elaine Ritch, a marketing lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Faced with this reality, the concept of " slow fashion " has emerged over the last decade as a kind of counterweight to fast fashion. The idea is to slow down the rapid pace of clothing consumption and buy fewer, more durable items instead.

Different practices and strategies are emerging to buy clothes that last over time and reduce the environmental impact associated with fashion. Here are some tips for making more informed purchases:

1. Invest in quality clothes: Opt for clothes made with high-quality and durable materials. Look for natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen or wool, which tend to be more durable and sustainable than synthetic materials.

2. Avoid fast fashion: Reduce impulse buying and how often you buy new clothing. Instead, choose pieces that can resist trends and stay in style over time. Opt for a classic and timeless style that won't go out of style quickly.

3. Care for your clothes: Take care of your clothes by following the washing and storage instructions. Wash them at low temperatures, avoiding the excessive use of aggressive detergents that can damage the fabrics. Repair any damage or loose seams promptly, so you can extend the life of your dresses.

4. Go second-hand: Consider buying second-hand clothes or going to flea markets. This not only reduces the consumption and waste of resources, but also allows you to find unique and quality pieces at affordable prices.

5. Shop from sustainable brands: Look for brands that are committed to sustainability and ethics in the production of their garments. Make sure they have transparent manufacturing policies, paying attention to eco-friendly materials and processes, and respecting workers' rights along the supply chain.

6. Support circular fashion: Participate in the circular fashion economy. Donate, exchange or resell the clothes you no longer wear instead of throwing them away. This reduces waste and breathes new life into the clothes.

7. Experiment with style: Try to create a versatile wardrobe, so you can make the most of each piece. Play with combining different items to create new outfits and discover new ways to use the clothes you have.

The key is to focus on the quality, durability, and long-term value of the clothes you buy. By making more informed choices, you can help reduce the environmental impact of fashion and promote a more sustainable approach to clothing."

If you are looking for durable and environmentally friendly clothing, you should consider Kloters Milano Boxers. Our Boxers are designed to last over time and offer many advantages in terms of quality, materials and positive environmental impact.

Kloters Milano men's boxers are made with the best materials available on the market, guaranteeing exceptional resistance. They have been tested to withstand over 2000 washes which means they can last up to 10 years or even more with the right care. This feature makes them an ideal choice for those looking for long-lasting clothing, thus reducing the buying cycle and the waste associated with fast fashion.

But it's not just their durability that makes them special. The Boxer Milano Kloters are made with particular attention to the environment. The materials used are carefully selected to be sustainable and of high quality. The company is committed to using natural fabrics, which reduces the environmental impact compared to synthetic materials. Furthermore, the production processes are attentive to the conscious use of resources and the reduction of waste.

In addition to the positive impact on the environment, the Boxer Milano Kloters also contribute to the development of the territory. The company is committed to working with local suppliers, promoting employment and compliance with ethical standards along the supply chain. By choosing the Milano Kloters Boxer, you not only buy a high quality product, but you also contribute to supporting a company that values ​​the local economy and the well-being of workers.

In conclusion, if you want to buy durable clothes, made with the best materials available and with a positive impact on the environment, Kloters men's boxers are a great choice. They resist over 2000 washes and up to 10 years, thanks to their exceptional quality and attention to detail. Furthermore, the company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and supporting local employment. Choosing Milano Kloters Boxers means making an informed choice for sustainable fashion.