novembre 28, 2017

Italy is not just Rome or Venice, Italy is also full of small towns and villages where the time seems to be stopped. Where smells and flavours will make you jumping in the past. Where the old artisanal and manufactoring traditions are preserved. Where you could really discover the Italian charm and the autenticity, though unique architectural, hystorical and countryside gems.
We want to celebrate Italian manufactoring, its pure beauty and richness, proposing you  a small selection, from the North to the South of Italy, of those we think are the most beautiful villages to discover.  
-Ricetto di Candelo, Piedmont
On the Biella’s Alpes, stands a small medieval village. It  is enclosed by wall with high towers on each eadge. During the year, we are seeing one culturale initiative after the other that attracts lots of tourist. Amongs the many, we want to report you “Candelo in Fiore”, a sensorial journey through the flowers’ colours and scents, the international musician competition named to the great Ernesto Falla and the wonderful Christmas market, where you can buy special artisanal pieces and taste the typical crounchy sweet called Ciavarin.
-Spello di Perugia, Umbria
This little town on the sloapes of the Umbrian Appennino, dates back to Roman times, of which we can still find many evidences. Imperator Augustus called it “Splendissima Colonia Julia”. The small city was built from a particular pink limestone that give a marvellous colour to the place at the sunset. Many are the actions to promote the city’s wealth:  outstanding qualities of the products, above all the Spello’s gold, the local EVO oil, the landscape and the cultural traditions. In particullary, we suggest you the one called “Le Infiorate”, during which all the squares and the building are decorated with handmade mats and carpets of fresh wild flowers and herbs.
-Chianalea di Scilla, Calabria
Called also the “small southern Venice” for its tight alleys that going down from the hill to the crystal sea  look likes Venetian canals, this fishermen village has ancient origins. Since Homer’s times, the story goes that it was built there by Troian exiles for the richness of its sea. The town is overlooked by an old castle of the X century, named to the famous Homer’s monster Ruffo. Even today, the main activity, in addition to tourism, is fishing. We want to report the Swordfish Festival: three folkloristic days with music, exhibitions, and gastronomical events, dedicated to the rehabilitation of the oldest traditions.

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Il cibo è più di una semplice fonte di energia. La dieta è fondamentale per la tua salute e un fattore importante per il tuo successo nel raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi nel fitness, che si tratti di perdere peso o aumentare i muscoli. 

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