novembre 27, 2017

The cotton manufacture has really ancient origins. In century IV b.C. Alexander the Great turned Alexandra, the Egyptian city, into the most important cotton clearing house towards Europe.  Thanks to the Arabian conqueer of Spain, the tecniques of spinning and weaving of this fiber spread throughout the European territories. During the Industrial revolution in the XVIII century, Europe, and in particullary United Kingdom, became the main centre of the cotton processing, facilitating the export of its production and manufactoring to America.
Since ever, the history of this excellent fiber crosses the civilization evolution connecting East and West, melting traditions with innovation. Today cotton rappresents 35% of fiber consuption and it’s produced mainly in the Souther and in the Easter lands of the world. Thanks to its versatility, the feshness touch on the skin and its hypoallergenic properties, cotton has seduces different populations to arrive to the modern fashion runways of the best brands.

We decided to choose cotton for its natural properties: it’s a wet fiber, rich of water, so it proves to be harder and more durable compared to the others yarns. In addiction, this property ensures freshness in contact with the skin. 


It’s hypoallergenic: rarely causes allergies

It’s hygroscopic: absorbs water and sweat

It’s air-permeable: cotton is a breathable material, so it gives a tenderness and well-being sensation in contact with skin

It draws the body-heat away

It mop up the sweat’s stink

It’s resistant and durable in time

Over all, it’s a natural fiber

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repAir layer
A Poem for FNS: and that has made all the difference

aprile 02, 2021

At Kloters RepAir is the not taken path to Fashion Network Sustainability. And to make all the difference we have to scale up.

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RepAir: fashion for air activism, here and now. Carpe Diem
RepAir: fashion for air activism, here and now. Carpe Diem

febbraio 24, 2021

The air is free. We don’t have to pay for the air we breathe, right? Right. Or No.

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Breath freedom together
Breath freedom together

febbraio 17, 2021

RepAir is our attempt to make fashion a vehicle for “network sustainability”. We will explain better the technology at a later stage (stay tuned)

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Abbiamo testato più volte i nostri prodotti, alla ricerca dalla perfetta vestibilità. Crediamo di averla raggiunta creando il boxer con tutte le caratteristiche necessarie per la massima comodità ed eleganza. Il continuo miglioramento è il nostro obiettivo, abbiamo quindi bisogno della tua opinione.





Tutte le misure sono ricavate posizionando il prodotto su un piano, stendendolo bene e misurando da estremità a estremità (In gergo viene indicato come misura del mezzo) 


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