Breath freedom together

Breath freedom together

Breath freedom together

Last time we posted about breaking down a wall.

Let’s start from there: a red bricks wall. A real solid one. We can feel pain If we imagine to punch it with our bear hands. Our survival instincts pop up and make us decide our best options between “fight or fly”. Breaking a wall with bear hands? C’on, is not even a fair fight.

But hold the horses for a moment before taking off.

Maybe there’s a blue sky laying beyond that wall. And if we stay on this side of the wall, maybe we will not survive: because it’s all too gloomy, stifling and dreary here. So that blue sky is our only hope. It’s a place where we can breath again, we can breath freedom.

It’s the same whiffle of freedom we experienced when we heard for the first time about electric cars, space travel to Mars, artificial intelligence, fintech etc. It’s a breath of collective freedom and hope.

And on this side of that wall, fashion is having a strong negative impact on the planet’s health. This has dramatically accelerated with fast fashion that increased the production, transportation and waste of textile around the world. What will be our punch to that wall?

The majority of the large fashion companies have launched environmentally friendly initiatives. What will be our contribution? Buy less? Boycott some brands?

Is there a chance for any of us to be active contributors to reducing the environment pollution? A constant collective contribution. What if we could make our t-shirts or jeans or jackets to purify air around?

This idea has been applied in other sectors before. For example, there are construction materials (e.g. concrete, painting) that absorb pollutants. These materials use photocatalytic processes, a chemical process that uses light and a catalyst to accelerate a reaction. And when exposed to light, these materials react with certain pollutants (mainly NOx) and break pollutants into harmless substances.

In fashion is still a small niche. We’ll cover it on next post when we’ll also present RepAir, our way to make fashion a working conduit for “global network sustainability”.

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