dicembre 21, 2017

Mountain and its landscapes offers us in every season suggestive and breathtaking views. But it’s in winter that, thanks to the snow, those places  give them best. And then, everyone knows that Christmas is always better in white!

During the wintry time, mountains are the perfect places for sports, relax, fun but, above all, good food! Every town could offer you delicious hot dishes to restorate after a long day of ski. So we decided to help you to find the best restaurants where satisfy your taste in the best Italian mountain.


Courmayeur, Val D’Aosta

Despite its fame and the congestive ski slopes, this village, at the botton of Mont Blanc, has preserved nowaday an authentic Alpine atmosphere prevailing walking through its streets and tasting its traditional plates.

There are lots of places where you can have a special dinner during the Christmas day, between them , we suggest you the “Ristorante La Terrazza”. Here, you will celebrate with a special menu of local cousine, or you can enjoy the famous dish called Raclette made of Fontina D.o.p.


Livigno, Lombardy

This small town is, with the near Bormio, one of the most popular skiing resorts, not only in Valtellina, but even in Italy. If you’re not a sporty person, you can walk down its streets  and its Christmas markets, set up every year, to shop some local foods or some unique craft products.

Also in Livigno the gastronomic offer will make happy every palates – maybe not you diet, but come on! It’s Christmas! Sometimes you can blend the rules! -. Our favourite restaurant that offer dinner menu based on traditonal recipes is “Ristorante La Grolla”. Its particularity is that you can reach it only by its snowmobile. The guide will pick you up at the village and will drive you through the Brenva Glacier and the Val Venvy wood to destination. Obviously, the bravest could get there with a walk with snowshoes at the moonlight!


Resia Lake, Trentino Alto Adige

Not everyone knows this Sud Tirol place as a ski resort. But actually, during winter, the glaced lake becomes an ice-skating and cross-country skiing rink.  Resia Lake, encrasted between the majestic Vallelunga’s Mountains, has a bell tower coming out the surface of the water, making this place fairy and fashinating.

In this enchanted  village, we suggest you to treat yourself with a dinner in the Tyrolean  Greinhof trattoria, a small but cosy space where tasting selections of ham and cheese, the famous “Canederli” and the delicious Strudel made of raspberries and blueberries served with homemade cream.




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repAir layer
A Poem for FNS: and that has made all the difference

aprile 02, 2021

At Kloters RepAir is the not taken path to Fashion Network Sustainability. And to make all the difference we have to scale up.

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RepAir: fashion for air activism, here and now. Carpe Diem

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The air is free. We don’t have to pay for the air we breathe, right? Right. Or No.

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RepAir is our attempt to make fashion a vehicle for “network sustainability”. We will explain better the technology at a later stage (stay tuned)

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