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A Poem for FNS: and that has made all the difference

aprile 02, 2021

In this 2021 Covid-shaped, some of us have to deal with some restrictions. Not to travel, not to go out and meet with too many friends, not to practice this and that activity.

On paper we can have more time for ourselves, for our passions, to feed our souls. But is it true?

Let’s be honest here. We are spending more time with Zoom meetings, Netflix binging and online shopping. Maybe I’m the lucky one: I have ALSO finished some books, played some videogames.

Feeding soul? “eeeeh, sort of“ (note: this quote for a particularly guilty conscience comes from a movie: guess to receive a FNS gift)

So let’s go with a poem: it can be a sweetener, a diversion, a relief.

A wake-up call in my case. As I’ve chosen “The road not taken” by Frost. The Carpe diem of our last article must have influenced me. And when the two routes happily diverged in my wood… I wanna make all the difference, I wanna chose the right path.

In fashion, it’s easy: FNS. Fashion Network Sustainability. FNS.

At Kloters RepAir is the not taken path to Fashion Network Sustainability. And to make all the difference we have to scale up.

Math is easy:  Huff Post says that 2 billion t-shirts are produced every year. And 1 billion cars are circulating. A RepAir t-shirt can absorb roughly the emission of 2 cars... So we can do it, we can really offset car pollution wearing a t-shirt!


We need you here: 3 years have passed since we launched RepAir.

We’ve invested in a clean and timeless design, a very comfortable fabric and a modern urban look.

We’ve chosen a patented filtering cloth by Anemotech


Now we need to leverage the network effect.

Kloters is not that big and to get message in a world where everyone (over)-communicates is not easy. So our mission is to push the idea have more and more people to embrace and to become active supporters of the idea. Because if more of us will join the Fashion Network Sustainability idea the better will be the air each of us will breath.


So, how can you help?

  1. Give us a like
  2. Share the idea through social media
  3. Post a picture of yourself with a RepAir t-shirt


Choose the not taken path. And make all the difference

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