Born from friendship, at Kloters our aim is to bring new awareness to the Italian view of fashion. We wish to enrich the community and develop products that simply make you feel good!

Feeling good is the obvious goal, but how do we achieve it? At Kloters we’ve broken that mission down to four fundamental pillars: comfort, design, quality and responsibility.



While Italian fashion has long been known for being non-conventual and stylish, we want to show the world you don’t need to make sacrifices for clothing to be high DESIGN.

New technologies, modern design techniques, and skillful tailoring have lead us to develop a brand that is dedicated to people— helping them feel confident, cool, and inspired.



COMFORT is more than feeling at home in your skin, but also in your world. That’s why we’ve taken significant steps to ensure all of our products, processes, and design takes environmental RESPONSIBILITY into the equation.




Sourced from a carefully curated selection of Italian suppliers and raw materials to achieve the best QUALITY. Locally sourced means shortened transport time and reducing the carbon footprint of our clothing before while it’s on its way to you.




Kloters was founded upon FRIENDSHIP and as we formed lasting relationships with our suppliers, our growing team members, and our customers, we started to realize our common goals and visions make us family. You are an essential part of that, so any and all feedback you have is essential to maintain and improve our industry leading high standards.