RepAir a Revolutionary T-shirt

If I should tell you that there’s a way to make a better and cleaner world without efforts? It sounds utopy, but it’s not. Thanks to RepAir, by taking a daily and necessary action, this is reality.

RepAir is the new genderless t-shirt born of Italian DNA and a green soul able to purify the air.

 It’s the new frontier of green fashion: a cotton t-shirt, entirely produced in Italy, that cleans the air from pollution, thanks to “the Breath®”, a patented material, certified according to ISO, ANSI /AHAM AC – 1- 2002 standard, capturing pollutants including bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Laboratory tests demonstrate that every t-shirt removes the pollution created in one year by two cars. The patented material is composed of two external printable layers, a water-resistant anti-bacterial fabric that encloses an intermediate core, made of dioxin absorbent fiber enhanced by nano molecules, capable of separating, absorbing and retaining the pollutants in the air.

RepAir will be available on Kickstarter in May, while it will be sold in stores and on www.kloters.com starting from June.

More people will dress RepAir, more the enviroment will benefit too. We hope you will be part of this sharing ecology action! More infomation are available on repair.kloters.com



  • BERTAINA OLGA ha detto:

    molto interessante

    17 dicembre 2019

  • francesco dc ha detto:


    17 dicembre 2019

  • Mario Beltrami ha detto:

    grandioso!!!!!! siamo un azienda che produce biancheria di alto livello, sarei interessato ad approfondire
    la questione del filato e il procedimento per verificare se fosse possibile fare anche dei tessuti, è sottinteso ,
    che la cosa si farebbe in collaborazione.
    attendo vostre notizie.
    Mario Beltrami

    17 dicembre 2019

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