Milano NO stretch boxer | Internal push-up | Extra slim fit


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Stiamo modificando il magazzino. Le spedizioni di Mercoledì 28 Febbraio verrano spostate a Mercoledì 6 Marzo. Ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente ma cresciamo troppo velocemente e non possiamo più procrastinare

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Attention extra SLIM-FIT, we recommend two sizes higher than the one you usually use. Non-elastic product

    how does it fit

    The Milano Boxers are made of 3% stretch cotton . This fabric was chosen because it is very soft, elastic but compact. It doesn't let go even after being worn for a whole day.

    What size are the models wearing:

    - Giuseppe (white hair) wears size M (48)

    • Weight kg 73
    • Height 1.75 m

    - Giacomo wears size XL (52-54)

    • Weight kg 90
    • Height 1.91 m

    - Fabio (Rugby player in flesh) wears size XXL

    • Weighs 116 kg
    • Height 1.73 m

    For us, sustainability also and above all means feeling good about yourself and having no regrets, because external beauty must mirror internal beauty. We want those who wear Kloters to be aware of the fact that their well-being has not been achieved at the expense of the well-being of others.

    This is why all our garments are designed and produced to last a long time, not for the quality as an end in itself, but because we are aware of the impact generated by producing, distributing and disposing of clothing on the environment: if the products last more, less is produced and the environment benefits.

    In fact we are constantly looking for materials that reduce the impact that their production or use have on the environment. All our suppliers are Italian, in order to have a direct and personal relationship with them and to be able to select them from those who share our ideals and who do not exploit their collaborators to obtain profit. And, being close to us, we minimize the impact that the transport of goods and merchandise has before reaching the final customer.

    We also work tirelessly to offer our products at the right price, to ensure that we can feel good for as many people as possible, without however this happening to the detriment of our collaborators or suppliers.

    Shipping and Returns

    Kloters , by its nature, respects the environment and believes that apart from a few product categories, there is no urgency to receive a purchase within 24/h, negatively impacting the environment and people's safety. For this reason we have decided to ship only ONE time a week, every Wednesday. (If you have emergencies or special occasions, you can indicate a priority date in the notes and your order will be shipped according to your instructions).

    Orders received before midnight on Tuesday will still be processed on Wednesday

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    Il tuo parere è fondamentale per migliorarci

    We are truly sustainable

    We produce everything in Italy, avoiding the movement of materials and articles. The more products you buy in a single shipment, the less impact you will have on your planet.

    All our suppliers are Italian , so we have a direct and personal relationship and we know that they share our ideals, not exploiting collaborators to make a profit.

    All our garments are designed and produced to last a long time, if the products last longer, they are produced for less and the environment benefits. This saves hundreds of liters of water.

    Le Mutande da uomo veramente comode

    I Boxer da Uomo Online

    Scopri il massimo comfort e la leggerezza con il Boxer intimo da uomo in cotone elasticizzato di Kloters, disponibile nel nostro negozio online. E' il tradizionale e iconico Boxer largo da uomo ma grazie alla sua innovazione con push-up o semi slip contenitivo interno, assicura una vestibilità perfetta per ogni fisico.

    Realizzato con tessuto elasticizzato di alta qualità, questo boxer non stringe nelle gambe o in vita, consentendo movimenti liberi tutto il giorno. Il retro sagomato e l'apertura frontale con bottoni rendono questo capo estremamente funzionale, mentre le cuciture piatte evitano fastidi sulla pelle. Senza etichette interne, previene sfregamenti scomodi.

    Con resistenza ad infiniti lavaggi e all'usura, questo boxer supera i tradizionali boxer in tessuto camicia, resistendo mediamente fino a 40 volte in più. I nostri clienti hanno confermato una durata eccezionale fino a 10 anni. Scegli la comodità la qualità con il Boxer di lusso da uomo in cotone elasticizzato di Kloters, ora disponibile nel nostro negozio online.