Men's stretch cotton boxers | Push-ups

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The Best Men's Cotton Boxer with Internal Push-Up or Pouch

Renew your comfort experience with our Kloters Premium Stretch Cotton Boxer. Specifically designed for the modern man seeking an unmatched comfort experience without sacrificing style, this high-quality boxer blends the luxury of poplin cotton with advanced elasticity for a tailored fit and optimal support.

Featuring innovative push-up technology and an internal semi-slip support, our boxer perfectly adapts to any body shape, ensuring a flattering silhouette and comfort that lasts all day. The premium stretch fabric composition prevents any feeling of restriction, promoting total freedom of movement, ideal for the active life of the contemporary man.

The design's attention to detail includes a precise silhouette on the back and a practical front opening with buttons, giving the boxer top-tier functionality and aesthetics. The flat seams and absence of internal labels eliminate any irritation, ensuring a second-skin sensation.

The Kloters Stretch Cotton Boxer stands out for its exceptional durability, lasting up to 40 times longer than traditional fabric boxers, maintaining its quality and comfort wash after wash. This garment is the result of years of research and development, with the goal of offering a product that not only satisfies but exceeds quality and durability expectations.

For those seeking the utmost in daily comfort, lasting quality, and discreet elegance, the Kloters Boxer is the definitive choice. Wear excellence, discover the comfort and lasting quality that only Kloters can offer.

Le qualità

I Boxer↑Up sono progettati per offrire un livello di comfort infinito grazie alle loro eccezionali proprietà traspiranti. Realizzati con un innovativo semi-slip interno o Hold-up e un tessuto di cotone elasticizzato, i nostri boxer garantiscono una ventilazione ottimale, mantenendo la pelle fresca e asciutta durante tutto il giorno.

Caratteristiche Principali:

  1. Tessuto Traspirante: Il nostro cotone elasticizzato è studiato per favorire la massima traspirabilità. La speciale composizione del tessuto permette una rapida evaporazione del sudore, riducendo la sensazione di umidità e prevenendo irritazioni cutanee.
  2. Microfibra Leggera: Integrato con microfibre elastiche, il tessuto è incredibilmente leggero e morbido al tatto, offrendo una sensazione di leggerezza paragonabile alla seta. Questo non solo migliora il comfort, ma permette anche una maggiore libertà di movimento senza restrizioni.
  3. Tecnologia di Ventilazione Avanzata: La struttura del tessuto, grazie alle sue pregiate caratteristiche, presenta microfori che facilitano il passaggio dell'aria, garantendo una ventilazione continua. Questo è particolarmente utile durante le giornate calde o le attività fisiche intense, mantenendo una temperatura corporea ottimale.
  4. Assorbimento dell’Umidità: Grazie alle proprietà idrofobiche del cotone elasticizzato, i nostri boxer assorbono rapidamente l'umidità, mantenendo la pelle asciutta e confortevole. Grazie al semi-slip interno in 100% cotone. Questo è essenziale per evitare sfregamenti e irritazioni, soprattutto in ambienti umidi o durante attività sportive.
  5. Design Ergonomico: I Boxer Milano sono progettati per adattarsi perfettamente alla forma del corpo, garantendo un supporto ottimale senza comprimere. Le cuciture piatte e l'assenza di etichette interne aggiungono un ulteriore livello di comfort infinito, prevenendo qualsiasi forma di irritazione.

Vantaggi della Traspirabilità:

  • Comfort Prolungato: Indossare i nostri boxer significa godere di una sensazione di freschezza per tutto il giorno, indipendentemente dalle condizioni esterne.
  • Prevenzione delle Irritazioni: La gestione efficace dell'umidità aiuta a prevenire arrossamenti e sopratutto irritazioni cutanee, garantendo una pelle sana.
  • Performance Migliorata: Che tu stia lavorando, facendo sport o semplicemente rilassandoti, la traspirabilità dei nostri boxer ti permette di rimanere concentrato e a tuo agio in ogni situazione.
How does it fit

The Milano Boxers are made of 3% stretch cotton . This fabric was chosen because it is very soft, elastic but compact. It doesn't let go even after being worn for a whole day.

What size are the models wearing:

- Giuseppe (white hair) wears size M (48)

  • Weight kg 73
  • Height 1.75 m

- Giacomo wears size XL (52-54)

  • Weight kg 90
  • Height 1.91 m

- Fabio (Rugby player in flesh) wears size XXL

  • Weighs 116 kg
  • Height 1.73 m

For us, sustainability also and above all means feeling good about yourself and having no regrets, because external beauty must mirror internal beauty. We want those who wear Kloters to be aware of the fact that their well-being has not been achieved at the expense of the well-being of others.

This is why all our garments are designed and produced to last a long time, not for the quality as an end in itself, but because we are aware of the impact generated by producing, distributing and disposing of clothing on the environment: if the products last more, less is produced and the environment benefits.

In fact we are constantly looking for materials that reduce the impact that their production or use have on the environment. All our suppliers are Italian, in order to have a direct and personal relationship with them and to be able to select them from those who share our ideals and who do not exploit their collaborators to obtain profit. And, being close to us, we minimize the impact that the transport of goods and merchandise has before reaching the final customer.

We also work tirelessly to offer our products at the right price, to ensure that we can feel good for as many people as possible, without however this happening to the detriment of our collaborators or suppliers.

Shipping and Returns

Kloters , by its nature, respects the environment and believes that apart from a few product categories, there is no urgency to receive a purchase within 24/h, negatively impacting the environment and people's safety. For this reason we have decided to ship only ONE time a week, every Wednesday. (If you have emergencies or special occasions, you can indicate a priority date in the notes and your order will be shipped according to your instructions).

Orders received before midnight on Tuesday will still be processed on Wednesday

Shipping to Italy

  • Delivery in 2-3 working days starting every Wednesday
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Returns: always free if you have an account (check how to make a return here)

No Packaging

Da Kloters, siamo impegnati nella sostenibilità. Ecco come riduciamo il nostro impatto ambientale:

  1. Imballaggi Minimi: I nostri Boxer Milano vengono spediti in una semplice busta di nylon (che puoi reciclare nella plastica) per motivi igienici, evitando packaging elaborati che finirebbero subito tra i rifiuti.
  2. Riduzione degli Sprechi: Risparmiamo tonnellate di materiali inutili, contribuendo a un minor impatto ecologico.
  3. Miglior Qualità e Spedizioni Gratuite: Investiamo i risparmi nella qualità dei nostri boxer e offriamo spedizioni gratuite con l'acquisto di almeno tre paia.



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We are truly sustainable

We produce everything in Italy, avoiding the movement of materials and articles. The more products you buy in a single shipment, the less impact you will have on your planet.

All our suppliers are Italian , so we have a direct and personal relationship and we know that they share our ideals, not exploiting collaborators to make a profit.

All our garments are designed and produced to last a long time, if the products last longer, they are produced for less and the environment benefits. This saves hundreds of liters of water.

Truly comfortable men's underwear

Men's Boxers Online

Discover maximum comfort and lightness with the Kloters men's elastic cotton underwear boxer, available in our online shop. It is the traditional and iconic loose boxer for men but thanks to its innovation with push-up or internal compression semi-briefs, it ensures a perfect fit for every body type.

Made with high-quality stretch fabric, this boxer briefs won't squeeze in the legs or waist, allowing for free movement all day. The shaped back and the front opening with buttons make this garment extremely functional, while the flat seams avoid discomfort on the skin. Without internal labels, it prevents uncomfortable rubbing.

With resistance to endless washing and wear, this boxer outperforms traditional shirt fabric boxers, lasting up to 40 times longer on average. Our customers have confirmed exceptional durability of up to 10 years. Choose comfort and quality with the luxury men's boxer in stretch cotton by Kloters, now available in our online store.