5 Reasons That Will Change Your Underwear Forever

Finally the classic boxer has become cool. Thanks to the internal push-up, it is the most comfortable, lightest and coolest Boxer you can find

1 . Internal push-ups

Finally comfortable. Yes, the Boxers par excellence are now also comfortable, the push-up, however, is positioned only in the front part, therefore imperceptible, allowing the Boxer to remain fresh and light

2 . They dress perfectly

They are aesthetically the most beautiful Boxers. Even if they are elasticated, they don't envelop you like those in jersey, risking highlighting a little belly and maybe thin legs.

In fact we don't need professional models, with sculpted physiques, to convince you.

3 . Only fine fabrics

All Milano Kloters Boxers are made using very high-count shirt cotton (a unit used in fabrics to measure quality) and therefore with a long, very resistant and thin thread.

They are all elasticated, with a soft hand to the touch and are very light (comparable to silk).

4 . Imperceptible seams

The ultra-flat seams avoid discomfort on the skin and the absence of labels inside prevents chafing.

They are made with stretch fabric that won't constrict in the leg or on the tummy, allowing for free movement. The shaping of the back and the front opening with 2 buttons at the waist and one on the flap make it extremely functional.

5 . They last up to 10 years

This Boxer is resistant to endless washing and wear, on average it resists up to 40 times more than a traditional boxer in shirt fabric. Our customers have tested a lifespan of up to 10 years . Choose comfort and true quality with the Kloters stretch cotton men's boxer.